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LiveBinder Tabs & Assignments  LiveBinder Instructions (PDF)

  Unit #2: The American Revolution
Each Assignment Below Will Be Due - TBA

 Tab #1: Learning Targets

   Tab #2: The French and Indian War Begins!

   Tab #3:  The French and Indian War 

   Tab #4: Loyalists vs. Patriots 

   Tab #5: Pontiac's Rebellion & the Proclamation Line of 1763 

   Tab #6: Causes of the American Revolution Advanced Organizer

   Tab #7: The British Impose Troublesome Taxes 

   Tab #8: The Crisis Heats Up!

   Tab#9: Trouble Over Tea
   Tab#10: The Shot Heard Around The World! 

Self Assessment Materials and Exit Slips


How well can you make history?

Learning Target: I can ANALYZE why England and France fought a series of war for control of North America before 1763. 

Learning Target: I can DETERMINE how the results of the French and Indian War led to the start
 of the American Revolution.

Learning Target: I can DECIDE if I would have been a "Loyalist," a "Patriot," or someone who
remained neutral during the events which led to the American Revolution.

Learning Target:
I can FORMULATE an opinion of the Proclamation Line of 1763 from the point of view of a patriot or a loyalist. 

Listen to the Golden Voice Talk About History!


French & Indian War!

 Patriots & Loyalists!

 Pontiac's Rebellion & the  Proclamation of 1763!!

 Sugar & Quartering Acts!

 Stamp Act!

 Townshend Acts & the Boston Massacre!

 Tea Act, Boston Tea Party, & Intolerable Acts!

 Lexington & Concord!


Download Presentations and Class Notes For This Section!


The French & Indian War

Road to Revolution Part I: Early Problems!

Road to Revolution Part II: Troublesome Taxes!

Road to Revolution Part III: Things Heat Up!

Road to Revolution Part IV: The Shot Heard Around the World!

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  **Election Activities are DUE by end of class on TUESDAY!


 Make up test anyone?  Colonial America Unit Test


This week the first quarter comes to an exciting end with our short 2016 Presidential Election activity.  Please be sure to email Mr. Gigliotti your CEI paragraph.  You should also complete your final election product and submit it to Mr. G by the end of class on Tuesday.

Topics and Assignments (All Dates Subject to Adjustment)


 Monday, October 24, 2016  


 Topic: 2016 Election Activity  - Final Product!
Today's Goal: Today students will have time to work on their 2016 Election activity final project.  Students should

 use the information they gathered in the Getting to Know Your Candidate Chart to complete this part of the



 2016 Presidential Election Activities
 Learning Target: I can JUDGE which candidate I would vote for in the 2016 presidential 

 Tuesday, October 25, 2016


 World Series! - Game #1

 Topic: 2016  Election Activity - Final Product


 Today's Goal: Today students will submit their final product for a grade.  Students will have time to complete

 any part of the 2016 Election Activity they have yet to finish. 


  2016 Presidential Election Activities
  Learning Target: I can JUDGE which candidate I would vote for in the 2016 presidential 


  Watch the Electoral College Video to understand how the president is elected. 



  Create your own Electoral Map for the candidates based on the most recent polls to see who might

   win the presidency.   


  270 to Win Predictions!Real Clear Politics Polling 


 Wednesday, October 26, 2016


 Topic: Patriot's Pen "The America I Believe In . . . " Contest! - BIG QUESTION!


  World Series! - Game #2


 Today's Goal:  Today we will collaborate to research and present a Social Studies BIG QUESTION!  Students will

 have a chance to WIN up to $5,000 in this VFW sponsored contest. 


1.  Gallop Poll


2.  Real BIG Question Group Activity!
Today's BIG Question:
What does it mean to be an American?


     * Be sure to choose your roles within your group.  (Recorder, Researchers, & Presenters) 



3.  Complete the Have you learned from History? exit slip! 


Thursday, October 27, 2016


 Topic: Patriot's Pen "The America I Believe In . . ."  Contest - Writing Day


 Today's Goal:  Today students will compose a VFW essay for a chance to win prizes! 


  Tips for writing your essay 


 I.  Be sure to have a thesis statement - "The America I believe includes many things which I love about our

     country including: (List 3 from list)"




 II.  Elaborate with supporting details for each reason you listed from the list.  You can research each topic if



 III.  Conclusion 


 1. Use what we discussed yesterday to compose a 300-400 word essay based on the theme "The America I

     Believe In . . . " 


 2.  Have a friend proof read your essay for grammar and spelling errors.   


 3.  Email you completed essay to Mr. G.  This will count as the first grade of the

      2nd quarter.   





Friday, October 28, 2016


 World Series! - Game #3

Topic: End of the First Quarter  - No School

Today's Goal:
  Enjoy your day.



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