Civil War Review Activity

Directions: Copy and paste the following Civil War questions into a document on your Chromebook.    Use your Civil War Scavenger Hunt, your Battle Bingo squares, and your own Internet research to answer the questions.  Be sure to save save save save your answers.  You will need them tomorrow. 

1.  Which side won the Civil War? 

2.  What advantages did the Union have before the Civil war?  What advantages did the Confederacy have before the Civil War?

3.  Make a list the 11 Confederate states at the start of the Civil War. 

4.  What was the capital of the Confederacy?

5.  Make a list of the 22 Union States at the start of the Civil War?

6.  List the 5 border states. 

7.  What color uniforms did the Union wear?  What color did the Confederates wear?

8.  How did the Minie Ball and the rifled musket make the Civil War more deadly?

9.  Who won the Battle of Bull Run?  How did Thomas Jackson get his nickname a the Battle of Bull Run?

10.  What were the Monitor & the Merrimack? 

11.  Why did George McClellan fail to capture Richmond during the 7 Days?

12.  Who was Robert E Lee?

13.  What was the bloodiest day in US history?

14.  Who won the Battle of Antietam?  What did General Lee hope to gain by invading Maryland?

15.  What was the Emancipation Proclamation?

16.  List 3 facts about the Battle of Shiloh.

17  Who was U.S. Grant?

18.  List 3 facts about the Battle of Vicksburg

19  Who won the Battle of Gettysburg?  Why was this battle so important?

20.  Who was George Pickett?

21.  What did Lincoln say in his Gettysburg Address? 

22.  General William Tecumseh Sherman's March to the Sea?  What was his strategy of "Total War?"

23.  List the series of battles Lee and Grant fought in northern Virginia in 1864-1865.

24.  What was the Battle of Petersburg?

25.  Where did Lee surrender to Grant?  What were the terms of Lee's surrender?