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These links can be used to complete the Civil War Dinner Party Project!

  Civil War Dinner Party Resources Page!

 Civil War Dinner Party Download!

  Link to class notes!

 Other links and helpful sites include:

 Civil War Info & Biographies!

 http://www.multied.com/CivilWar/  Civil War Biographies!

 http://www.civilwarhome.com/biograph.htm Civil War Biographies!

 http://webpages.marshall.edu/~hughes11/biographies.htm Bios!

 http://www.ehistory.com/uscw/features/people/list.cfm  Bios!

 http://www.pbs.org/civilwar/  Civil War Information!

 http://www.civilwar.com/  Civil War Information!

 http://sunsite.utk.edu/civil-war/warweb.html Civil War Info!

 http://americancivilwar.com/   Civil War Information!

 http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/cwphtml/cwphome.html  Photos!

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