Facts About Democracy in the 13 Colonies:

American colonies were created for both economic opportunity or religious freedom.   American colonies knew that they were located 3,000 miles from the king which led to a certain amount of independence from England.  Most American colonies expected to be left alone to govern themselves as long as they remained loyal to the king. They were willing to owe allegiance to the King and they were willing to pay their fair share of taxes but the never expected the King to meddle in everyday affairs. This resulted in a spirit of Democracy that was found throughout the colonies. 

Examples of Democracy In The 13 Colonies


Examples of Democracy in the Colonies

* Mayflower Compact was an early sign of Democracy. It showed that government came from the will of the people and it set a precedent in the colonies.

* Most colonies had elected legislatures, or a group of people who made laws and decisions for the colonies.  The first was the House of Burgesses in Virginia

* Town Hall meetings took place in New England towns where citizens had the right to debate and vote on decisions for their town.

 Freedom of Religion

* Pilgrims, Puritans, and Quakers came to America for freedom of religion

* Roger Williams, Ann Hutchinson, and the founding of Rhode Island

* William Penn's Quakers and the founding of Pennsylvania 

* Other colonies also promoting religious freedom.