*These outlines will help you write some of your entries for your project.  You need to add lots of details and fill in any holes.  This is a good place to start however.  Good luck!


Lexington & Concord 1775

Background Information: Boston Tea Party, Intolerable Acts, 2nd Continental Congress set up militia

Details: British want to seize weapons in Concord & capture S. Adams/J. Hancock, Minutemen warned by Revere & Dawes, Fighting at Lexington, fighting on Concord Bridge, the road back to Boston

Results: many English killed – “The shot heard around the world”


Fort Ticonderoga 1775

Background Information: Old F&I war fort, defenders have not head about Lex&Con.

Details: Ethan Allen, Green Mountain Boys, Ben. Arnold, Ft. taken with little resistance

Results: American capture over 100 cannons


Bunker Hill 1775

Background Information: Over 4,000 British troops in Boston, Americans want them out

Details: Americans dig in & fortify “Breeds” hill overlooking city, British must take the hill back or they could be fired upon, 3 bloody bayonet assaults up the hill, do not fire until your see…., Putnum, Americans run out of ammo and must surrender the hill

Results: over 1000 English Killed, both sides know it will be a long bloody war


American Invasion of Canada 1775

Background Information: Americans want Canadians to join the cause, must take Quebec

Details: two American Armies, horrible cold wet conditions, Gen. Sklyer takes Montreal, English troops run to Quebec and fortify the city, Gens Arnold & Skyler attack Quebec, battle on New Years Eve, blizzard, American fail to take Quebec

Results: Americans will never control Canada, came close though


Battle of Long Island & New York 1776

Background Information: New York is a valuable port, does not freeze

Details: Gen Howe, 35,000 English troops invade, Washington resists and loses at Harlem Hts., forts, Long Island, & White Plains, many of his soldiers just run away

Results: British take NYC, Washington’s Army camps for the winter, Army is in bad shape Americans have low moral, Thomas Paine writes the “American Crisis”, Washington’s army retreats across the Delaware River


Battle Trenton 1776

Background Information: battles around NYC a disaster for Americans, Washington’s army enlistments are nearly up, GW needs a victory

Details: crosses Delaware River on Christmas, surprises Hessions, Washington had spies within their ranks

Results: Victory for the USA, army still in bad shape, moral still low, Washington holds the army together and convinces them to stay


Battle of Princeton 1777

Background Information: Washington has just won at Delaware, Army is still a mess, GW convinces the army to stay with him

Details: British counter attack, Howe, pin Washington down with his back to the Delaware, things look bad for GW, Washington’s campfires fool the English, Americans outflank British and win at Princeton

Results: first American Flag seen at the battle, Ross, moral boost for GW’s army, army still in bad shape


Brandywine, Germantown, or Bennington 1777

Background Information: Howe and the British look to take Phili, Washington resists him in a series of battles

Details: Battles of Brandywine (GW loses), Germantown (attacks house at his back, friendly fire GW loses), Bennington

Results: Washington defeated at all of these battles, retreats to Valley Forge for winter,


Battle of Saratoga 1777

Background Information: British look to cut the colonies in half, look to take the city of Albany New York, British plan to link 3 armies there

Details: Howe does not attack, stays in Phili, St. Leger is defeated by Arnold, Burgoyne is bogged down in the NY forests, carries too much stuff, Burgoyne is defeated by Gates

Results: British blunder of 1777, major American Victory, French decide to aid USA


Valley Forge 1777-1778

Background Information: GW’s Army camped for winter in PA, lost many battles and in bad shape, Howe is comfortable in Phili

Details: many starve and freeze to death, American army trains, learn how to become real soldiers, Layfayet, Van Stueben, by the numbers

Results: Leave valley Forge a much better trained army


B. Arnold & Westpoint

Background Information: Westpoint is a strategic point along the Hudson River, British want to take the Hudson to cut colonies in half, Westpoint is well defended, chain, Arnold

Details: Arnold upset about no promotion after Saratoga, sells out to the English, gives the plans to Andre, Andre is captured, hanged,

Results: Arnold escapes to Canada to fight with English, GW sad, USA #1 traitor


GW Clark and the Long Knives

Background Information: English took all the land west of App. Mountains after F&I war, they maintain forts, Long Knives group of men under GR Clark look to take forts

Details: Long knives act like Indians, cold water, the Hair buyer, attack fort Kaskaskia, fire through holes in fort, take the fort

Results: committee war crimes, land west of App. Mont. Will go to USA after the war


The War at Sea

Background Information: English have the greatest navy in the world, American navy is a joke

Details: Privateers, regular ships with guns, raid English ships, John Paul John, “I have not yet begun to fight”, HMS Seraphis

Results: England controls the sea, Jone’s victory a moral victory


The War in the South

Background Information: English change their strategy to focus on the Southern Colonies, need naval bases to fight French in the Carr. Sea, many tories in the south, land at and take Charleston (big English victory, many Americans captured) – plan to march North, Cornwallis

Details: Battles of Camden, King’s Mont., Guilford Courthouse, Savannah (USA loses), USA uses hit in run tactics, Francis Marion, Swamp Fox, Tarleton

Results: slow down English march north


The Battle of Cowpens

Background Information: English army moving north to destroy GW, Americans look to keep them in the south

Details: the Battle, the trick, USA wins

Results: Cornwallis is slowed down further, gives GW time to plan and saves his army


The Battle of York Town

Background Information: Final major battle of the war, Cornwallis waits for English navy to pick him up at Yorktown VA

Details: Washington and the French navy trap Cornwallis, French navy wins, French general helps GW, Cornwallis must surrender to GW

Results: England will give USA independence two years later, last major battle, victory wins independence