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A major cause of the Civil War was an unassuming little book called "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stow.  Stow who was not a writer or an abolitionist would produce a book that would further the idea of sectionalism.  In her book, she described the horrors of slavery through the sad tale of a slave named Uncle Tom.  The book was a huge success.  In just one week over 10,000 copies were sold.  This best seller would  ultimately sell over 300,000 copies and be printed in
 several different languages.

     Uncle Tom's Cabin left a lasting impression on all who read it.  It  was even said that it had made the Queen of England cry.  While this highly successful book made some weep, it enraged others especially in the south.  Southerners pointed out that Stow had never even been to the south and had no idea what plantation life was really like.  They claimed that her description of plantation life was distorted and even referred to her as a "course, ugly, long-toughed women."  Most northerners dismissed this criticism as southern bias and had little knowledge of plantation life themselves.  Uncle Tom's Cabin opened the eyes of many northerners to the issue of slavery.  Many northerners after reading the book became abolitionists.  Others who had not really cared about the issue of slavery before reading the book began to ask themselves "Is slavery just?"  Reaction to Uncle Tom's Cabin would further divide the north and the south.