Unit #6: Industrialization - Working in the Mills of Manchester
  Learning Target: I can ANALYZE how the Industrial Revolution changed the lives of people in Europe and America.

I know I know it when: I can make a list of pros and cons for life after the Industrial Revolution.

I am learning this because: The Industrial Revolution  is one of the major reasons for why our world functions the way it does today. The enormous changes in industry had major ripple effects in the economy, society, geography, health and culture.

Directions: Please follow the directions in the box below to complete the assignment.  Be sure to complete the assignment and carefully check your work before submitting your assignment for a grade. 

Part 1: Manchester Industrializes 

1.   The effects of the Industrial Revolution can still be felt today!  People in industrialized countries can afford goods that would not have been possible before the Industrial Revolution.  However, the economic
      success created by the Industrial Revolution often at the expense of the factory workers.  Today we are going to examine what life would have been like for a teenager working in a textile mill.  We will explore
      the City of Manchester, England to learn more about the industrial lives of it's many factory workers. 
      Take a moment to download the Mills of Manchester Student AssignmentBe sure to click File > Save As Google Slides before you begin

2.  Read page 641 in your text book about the Mills of Manchester.   Use the information to answer the questions on slides #2 and #3 of your Mills of Manchester Student Assignment


3.    Participate in a class discuss about the Mills of Manchester.


Part 2: Journal of a Manchester Child Laborer

1.   Now read the primary source below:



December 12th, 1882


Violet Hodges


Age: 9


Job: Seamstress


Dear Journal, I am 9 years old now. My birthday was yesterday. I live with my mama, my papa, and my three siblings: Heather (13 yrs), Peter(2 yrs), and Rosemary(6 mths). Today was going to be another tiring day as usual. I woke up at 4 am to go to work at the factory. My sister Heather and I walked there. We were running late. I didn't get to eat breakfast. I haven't in a very long time. Once I got to work I started to work on the dress that i had started yesterday. Someone was staring at me. It was the man in the uniform. He kept yelling at me because i was looking out the window. My sister whispered for me to quit it because we really need the money. Outside the window i saw some boys and girls, just like me, playing in the street. I felt emotions that i have never experienced before. I was angry and jealous of those kids. That man beat me with a stick for not working. My punishment was unfair. I didn't get my usual half hour lunch break. He made me work straight through it! My stomach growled. My hands and back ached. I wish i could go out in play like those other kids. But i bet they would stare at me. I have a hunched back and my arms aren't in proportion to my tiny body. I worked long and hard until Heather told me it was time to leave. We had been dismissed. Our shift was done. It's 6pm. My days are so terribly long. I used to only work 10 hours a day. Since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, I work 14 hours a day with only two short breaks: one for lunch and one for supper. Some days i have no breaks. Today I never got a break. My wage is only 20 cents a day, but most boys younger than me get 25 to 30 cents. I don't understand why. Mommy and Daddy say I have to work or we will be living on the streets. Life is so unfair.







2.   Next, analyze the chart below and on page 642 of your textbook.


.   Take on the role of a child working in the Mills and compose a “diary” entry explaining your typical work day.  You should write your diary entry in first person.  Be sure to include examples from the chart to
     describe a typical day of a Mill worker.   Place your diary entry in your Mills of Manchester Student Assignment.

Part 3: Submit your work for a grade

 1.   Once you have completed your Mills of Manchester Student Assignment, use the Google Form below to submit your work for a grade.  Be sure to check
       your answers using the Mills of Manchester Student Assignment.

 2.    Carefully check your answer and submit your work for a grade. 

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3.    Good Job!

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