Unit #11.5.19: Professional Development Day  - Elevating the Essentials within a Digital Classroom
  Learning Target: I can EXPLAIN how to plan effective lessons across the curriculum utilizing technology and Mike Schmoker's strategies for Elevating the Essentials.

I know I know it when: I can PLAN and TEACH a technology based lesson utilizing Mike Schmoker's strategies within my content area.

I am learning this because: As educators we are constantly seeking to improve our lesson planning and delivery to increase student engagement and ultimately achievement.

Directions: Please follow the directions in the box below to complete the assignment.  Be sure to complete the assignment and carefully check your work before submitting your assignment for a grade. 

Learning the "Playbook!"

1.   This is how we teach!


Example of Authentic Literacy

The Industrial Revolution Begins!  

Learning Target:
I can EXPLAIN how Industrialization caused social, political, and economic effects on Western Europe, the United States, and the world. 

I know I know it when: I can explain the positive and negative effects the Industrial Revolution had on class distinctions, family life, the global-market economy.

I am learning this because:
The Industrial Revolution  is one of the major reasons for why our world functions the way it does today. The enormous changes in industry had major ripple effects in the economy, society, geography, health and culture.


Examples of Think Pair-Share and Collaboration

Absolute Monarchies Reign Across Europe
Learning Target: I can DESCRIBE how absolute power was instituted in Spain, Netherlands, France, Central Europe, & Russia.

The Age of Enlightenment Social Media Project!
Learning Target: I can CREATE and SHARE a social media feed about one of the famous Enlightenment philosophes or philosophers.

Nationalist Revolutions Sweep the West  
Learning Target: I can EXPLAIN how nationalist revolutions in Latin America and Europe led the weakening of old empires and the creation of many modern nations.


Examples of Student Engagement & Mini-Lectures

Napoleon at War!
Learning Target: I can IDENTIFY & DESCRIBE Napoleon's greatest victories and biggest mistakes in his quest to build a French Empire.

The Scientific Revolution
Learning Target: I can IDENTIFY individuals in Europe who played a role in advancing Science and our understanding of the Universe during the Scientific Revolution (1550-1700).   

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Examples of Assessment

 1.   Once you have completed today's Professional Development, please take a moment to complete the survey below. 

      Professional Development Survey

2.   Other examples:

     Turn in your Napoleon at War Here!

     The Napoleonic Era Test

     Assessment review resources:

     Who was Napoleon Bonaparte?  |  Napoleon Seizes Power in France!  |  The Napoleonic Wars  | 

     Napoleon's Defeat & The Congress of Vienna  Quizlet 1  |  Quizlet 2  |  Quizlet 3|

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