Unit #8: World War I: Weapons and Tactics
  Learning Target: I can IDENTIFY the factors which plunged Europe into the First World War in 1914.

I know I know it when: I can EXPLAIN the causes of the First World War including Nationalism, Imperialism, Militarism, and Alliances.

I am learning this because: World War I was a conflict that could have been easily avoided.  The lessons of World War I can be used to avoid even more costly conflicts in the future.

Directions: Please follow the directions in the box below to complete the assignment.  Be sure to complete the assignment and carefully check your work before submitting your assignment for a grade. 

Weapons and Tactics of World War I Research Activity

1.   World War I was the first “modern” or “industrial” war.  Each side used its industrial power to churn out more weapons that had even been seen before in the history of the world.  New and more deadly
      weapons such as tanks, poison gas, submarines, and airplanes were also developed using new technology.  The ability to mass produce a deadly new arsenal led to trench warfare death of millions of
      soldiers on the battlefields of Europe and beyond.  In this assignment, we will be learning more about some of these weapons. 

      Take a moment to download the Weapons of World War I Student Assignment Be sure to click File > Save As Google Docs before you begin

2.  In this assignment you will be learning about some of the many new weapons and tactics used in World War I.  Click on the link for each of the weapons and tactics below. 


3.  Carefully read the information on the website to learn more about each weapon.  Use what you learn to answer the questions for each weapon in this Google Doc. 


4.  Be prepared to discuss your answers.


*Summarize each answer in your own words.  DO NOT COPY AND PASTE.



#1: The Machine Gun - http://www.firstworldwar.com/weaponry/machineguns.htm


How many rounds (bullets) could the early machine gun fire per minute? How did this change by the end of the war?



A single machine gun was worth how many rifles? Why?



How effective was the machine gun as a defensive weapon?



What about as an offensive weapon?



What new machines were armed with the machine gun?





#2: Trench Warfare - https://www.history.com/news/life-in-the-trenches-of-world-war-i


What are trenches?


On which “Front” during World War I would you typically see trench warfare?


What were trenches designed to do for the infantry soldiers?


How did trench warfare result in high casualties?


What strategy did German use against enemy trenches?


What was “Trench Foot?”


What was “shell shock?”


What percent of all fighting forces were killed in action during World War I?


Look at the map on the site below to answer the following questions:



What was the most northern point of the “Western Front” trenches?


What was the most southern point of the “Western Front” trenches?





#3 Poison Gas


What is poison gas and what were its effects if used as a weapon?



Who is commonly thought to be the first to use gas? Who actually did?



What was the purpose of using poison gas?




Describe what mustard gas does to the human body.,,



What methods could you use to protect yourself?



Do you think poison gas an effective weapon? Do you think is wrong to use it? Why or why not?



#4 The Tank

Describe how and from what the tank developed



What happened when the tanks were first used in battle? How did people feel about them?



How did the tank finally have success and what benefits did it provide?



Where did the name tank come from?



How did the feelings about the tank and its production numbers differ from country to country?





#5: The Airplane


What were WWI airplanes made of and how fast could they go?



What were airplanes first used for?  How about later on?


Why were they unsafe?


Who was the leading “ace” of the war? How many “kills”?



How did the numbers of planes produced compare?


What advantages did the German pilots have?



Who was the “Red Baron?”  Why was he famous?  https://www.history.com/topics/world-war-i/manfred-baron-von-richthofen


Explore the World War I aviation museum website.  Look closely at each of the airplanes.  Make a list of things you observe on World War I aircraft. 




#6 The German Zeppelin - https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-27517166


What is a “Zeppelin?”


For many years what protected the people of Britain from wars on the European continent?  How did the Zeppelins change this?


How did the Germans use their fleet of Zeppelins?  What was their goal?


What did Britain eventually use to stop the threat from the Zeppelin raids?





#7 The Dreadnaught / Battleship - https://www.militaryfactory.com/ships/detail.asp?ship_id=HMS-Dreadnought


What made the HMS Dreadnaught a “revolutionary design” for naval warfare?


What types of armaments where found on Dreadnaught class ships?




#8 The U-Boat - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U-boat



What is a U-boat? Describe what it does…




What were the two primary uses of the U-Boat in WWI?




How many U-boats did Germany have at the beginning of WWI?



How many tons of ships did the U-boats sink between October 1916 and January 1917?




What is unrestricted submarine warfare?



How did the Allies defend against U-boats?


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