ESSAY QUESTION: At the start of the Civil War, what advantages & disadvantages did the North & South each have?  Be sure to list several for each side.  In your opinion, what was the biggest advantage in determining the final outcome of the war?  Be sure to support your opinion with facts & details.


Example Outline:

I.  Introduction

II.  Northern Advantages & Disadvantages

III. Southern Advantages & Disadvantages

IV. Your opinion & reasons

V.  Conclusion


1.  Which side won the Civil War?

2.  What were the Monitor & the Merrimack?  Why were they significant?

3.  Which slaves were freed as a result of the Emancipation Proclamation?

4.  What problems did the Confederacy face during the war?

5.  Why is General William Tecumseh Sherman significant? (Describe his role in the war)

6.  List the Confederate states.  List the Union States.

7.  The Union refers to which side?  The Confederacy refers to which side?

8.  List the 5 border states.  How did Lincoln keep them from leaving the union?

9.  Where were the first shots of the Civil War fired?

10.  Which battle did civilians pack picnic baskets to watch the battle?

11.  How did the North name the battles?  How did the South name the battles?

12.  What goals or aims did both side have during the Civil War?

13.  What kinds of weapons were used during the Civil War?

14.  Who was Robert E Lee?  Describe his accomplishments and beliefs.

15.  Who was Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson?

16.  What color uniforms did the Union wear?  What color did the Confederates wear?

17.  What is a blockade?

18.  What was the Conscription Act?  What were the results of the act?

19.  Who were the Copperheads?

20.  Who ran in the Election of 1864?  Who won?

21.  What was the capital of the Confederacy?

22.  Who assassinated President Lincoln?  Where was Lincoln killed?

23.  Who was George McClellan?

24.  What was the Union’s strategy?  What was the Confederate strategy?

25.  Which nation occupied Mexico during the Civil War?  Who was Maximillian?

26.  Describe the Battle of Vicksburg.  Why was it important?

27.  What was the bloodiest day in US history?

28.  What did Lee hope to gain at the Battle of Antietam?  How were his plans spoiled?

29.  Discuss the Battle of Shiloh.  What was the Hornet’s Nest?  Who won?

30.  Describe the Battle of Gettysburg.  Where was it fought?  Why was it important?

31.  What was Pickett’s Charge?

32.  What does emancipate mean?  What it the draft?  What was a bounty? 

33.  What is Habeas Corpus?  What is a civilian?  What is Cavalry? 

34.  Who was General Burnside? 

35.  Who was Mathew Brady?  Why did he use for the first time on the battlefield?

36.  What were Civil War hospitals like?

37.  What was the Gettysburg Address?  What did Lincoln say?

38.  What was Sherman’s March to the Sea?

39.  What is Total War?

40.  What was Grant’s Strategy?

41.  List the battles in which Lee and Grant fought.

42.  How was Grant different from other Union generals?

43.  What is a siege?  Where did Grant siege outside of Richmond?

44.  Where did Lee surrender?  Who accepted his surrender?  What were the terms?



Fort Sumter, Lee Surrenders,  Lincoln is reelected, Bull Run,  Atlanta falls, Lincoln is assassinated, Gettysburg,  Antietam,  Shiloh,  Emancipation Proclamation,  Vicksburg falls