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Unit #1: English Colonies and Colonial America

 The Jamestown Mystery
 Learning Target: I can HYPOTHESIZE why over 80% of Jamestown's early inhabitants died using
 clues and primary sources.

The Pilgrims and Thanksgiving
 Learning Target: I can TEACH my family the story of the Pilgrims during my Thanksgiving dinner
 this year.

 Puritan Fun!
 Learning Target: I can ANALYZE what it would have been like to have been a teenagers in
 Puritan Society. 

The 13 English Colonies Geography Activities
 Learning Target: I can LOCATE important locations found throughout the 13 colonies.

 Let's Play Some Musical Colonies!
 Learning Target: I can IDENTIFY and SUMMARIZE characteristics of each of the original 13 

 Colonial America Advertising Project
 Learning Target: I can CREATE a digital advertisement encouraging settlers to move to one of
 the 13 English Colonies. 

 Life in the 13 English Colonies
 Learning Target: I can EVALUATE which colonial region I would like to live in if I was a teenager l
 living in Colonial America.

 Slavery in the 13 English Colonies
 Learning Target:  I can IMAGINE what the Middle Passage must have been like for enslaved
 Africans on their way to Colonial America.

 Economics in the 13 Colonies
Learning Target: I can ROLE Play various roles in the Colonial American economy.

Democracy in the 13 Colonies 
 Learning Target: I can ANALYZE how democratic practices in Colonial America led to our
 modern American democracy. 

Unit #2: The American Revolution

  The French and Indian War Begins!
  Learning Target:
I can ANALYZE why England and France fought a series of war for control of
  North America before 1763. 

 The French and Indian War 
 Learning Target: I can DETERMINE how the results of the French and Indian War led to the start
 of the American Revolution.

 Loyalists vs. Patriots 
 Learning Target:
I can DECIDE if I would have been a "Loyalist," a "Patriot," or someone who
  remained neutral during the events which led to the American Revolution. 

 Pontiac's Rebellion & the Proclamation Line of 1763 
 Learning Target: I can FORMULATE an opinion of the Proclamation Line of 1763 from the point of
  view of a patriot or a loyalist. 

  Causes of the American Revolution Advanced Organizer
Learning Target: I can PREDICT how the events leading to the American Revolution could have
  been seen very differently from the points of view of loyalists and patriots.

 The British Impose Troublesome Taxes 
 Learning Target: I can EVALUATE England's decision to tax the 13 colonies from the point of 
  view of a loyalist and a patriot.   

 The Crisis Heats Up!
 Learning Target: I can ASSESS how the Stamp Act, the Townshend Acts, and the Boston
  Massacre began to unite the American colonies into one nation.

 Trouble Over Tea 
 Learning Target: I can PREDICT how the Boston Tea Party and the Intolerable Acts led to
  conflict between England and the American Colonies. 

 The Shot Heard Around The World! 
 Learning Target: I can CONCLUDE how all of the events we have studied in this unit such as the
  Stamp Act and the Intolerable Acts led to the "Shot Heard Around The World?"

The American Revolution Video Project
Learning Target:
I can CREATE and SHARE a short about an important event or battle during
  the American Revolution.  

  The American Revolutionary War Tracker - Part 1
  Learning Target:
I can RESEACH and ANALYZE important events and battles during
  the American Revolution.

 The Declaration of Independence Analyzing The Document Activity
Learning Target:
I can INTERPRET and ANALYZE quotes from the Declaration of Independence.

   The American Revolutionary War Tracker - Part 2
  Learning Target:
I can RESEACH and ANALYZE important events and battles during
  the American Revolution.

The Sons of Liberty Tavern - Menu Activity
Learning Target:  I can COLLABORATE and SHARE with my group important battles, events and
  people during the American Revolution.

Learning Target: I can CREATE and SHARE a facebook style profile for a famous patriot during
  the American Revolution using research strategies and various sources.

Unit #3: The Articles of Confederation & The Constitutional Convention
 Dividing Up Western Lands
 Learning Target: I can PLAN how western lands should be divided after the American 

 The Weaknesses Of The Articles of Confederation
 Learning Target: I can ASSESS the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and PREDICT
  the problems those weaknesses may have caused for the United States following the American

 The Constitutional Convention
  Learning Target: I can CREATE, SHARE and ROLE PLAY in a presentation showcasing the
  important details during the Constitutional Convention.

 The United States Constitution Scavenger Hunt
 Learning Target: I can RESEARCH and ANALYZE how our government works by reading the
  United States Constitution and by exploring other resources. 

Unit #4: First Presidents

  George Washington Creates The Presidency
  Learning Target: I can PREDICT the challenges George Washington faced as the first President
  of the United States.

  Hamilton's Financial Plan & The First Political Parties 
  Learning Target: I can COMPARE Alexander Hamilton's and Thomas Jefferson's points of view of
  Alexander Hamilton's Financial Plan.

   George Washington As President

   Learning Target: I can EVALUATE how George Washington handled the many challenges during
   his presidency.

John Adams and Conflict with France

  Learning Target: I can EVALUATE how John Adams handled the conflict with France after the
  XYZ Affair.

  John Adams and Civil Liberties
  Learning Target: I can CRITICIZE how the Alien and Sedition Acts violated the Bill of Rights.

  The Election of 1800 and Jeffersonian Democracy 
  Learning Target: I can COMPARE Jefferson's presidential style to Washington's and Adams'  

The Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark
  Learning Target: I can LEAD Lewis and Clark's Corps Of Discovery Across the Louisiana

  Jefferson and the Embargo of 1807
  Learning Target: I can EVALUATE the success of Thomas Jefferson's Embargo of 1807.

   Indian Wars Open Up Western Settlement
   Learning Target: I can APPRAISE how conflicts between the United States and Native 
   Americans opened up western lands for settlement.

Unit #5: Madison's and Monroe's Administration

   Causes of the War of 1812
   Learning Target: I can EVALUATE President Madison's decision to ask Congress for a
   Declaration of War against England in 1812.

   The War of 1812
   Learning Target: I can CREATE a multimedia project highlighting some of the most important
   people and events during the War of 1812.

   Getting to Know President Monroe
   Learning Target: I can EVALUATE the presidency of James Monroe. 

   The Industrial Revolution in America
   Learning Target: I can ATTRIBUTE the Industrial Revolution to changes in American society. 
Unit #6: The Age of Jackson

 The Election of 1824 and John Quincy Adams
 Learning Target: I can CRITICIZE  the manner in which John Quincy Adams became President following the Corrupt Bargain. 

 The Election of 1828 and The Expansion of Suffrage
 Learning Target:
I can ANALYSE how the expansion of suffrage between the Election of 1824 and the Election of 1828 led to the election of Andrew Jackson in 1828.
 Andrew Jackson As President
 Learning Target: I can EVALUATE the success of Andrew Jackson's policies as president 
 based on his decisions while in office. 

 Andrew Jackson And The Indian Removal Act
 Learning Target: I can DEFEND or CONDEM the actions taken by President Jackson  
 based upon the Indian Removal act.

Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon Activity
 Learning Target:
I can CREATE my own political cartoon based on the presidency of
 Andrew Jackson. 

 In Jackson's Wake and The Rise Of The Modern Political Campaign

 Learning Target:
I can COMPARE the political campaign strategies used in the Election
 of 1840 with the political campaign strategies used today in modern elections.    

Unit #7: Westward Expansion

 Welcome To Your Wagon Group & Westward Expansion
 Learning Target: I can CREATE an advanced organizer to preview the materials
 associated with America's Westward Expansion.    

 Why Did Pioneers Go West & How Did They Get There?
 Learning Target: I can PLAN a trip west for my wagon group.  

 President Polk, The Oregon Country, and America's Manifest Destiny
 Learning Target: I can JUDGE the idea of America's Manifest Destiny as being right or 

 Don't Mess With Texas! 
 Learning Target: I can CREATE a timeline of the events that led to the annexation of
 Texas to the United States.

 The Mexican-American War!
 Learning Target: I can CREATE a digital map showing the major battles and significant
 individuals during the Mexican-American War.   

 The Gold Rush and Our Manifest Destiny Fulfilled 

 Learning Target: I can EVALUATE the impact of the Gold Rush and the completion of
  the Transcontinental Railroad on America's Manifest Destiny. 

Unit #8: Slavery and the Causes of the Civil War

 Major Causes of the Civil War Graphic Organizer Activity (Coming Soon)

 Road to Civil War Timeline Activity
 Learning Target: I can EVALUATE the greatest cause of the Civil War.

Unit #9: The Civil War

 The Civil War Scavenger Hunt Part 1

  Learning Target: I can RESEARCH important information about the Civil War and CREATE
 a multimedia project using the information I discovered. 

Unit #10: Reconstruction

 (coming soon)

Other Lessons and Activities

 Building Your Own Colony Activity!
 Learning Target: I can work with my group to PLAN and CREATE a new colony and 
 ENSURE it's survival. 

 How Do We Study History?
 Learning Target: I can IDENTIFY how historians discover new information about the past
 and EXPLAIN why it's important to learn about the events in the past.

Discovering the Lost Colony Of Roanoke

 Learning Target: I can RESEARCH facts about the Lost Colony of Roanoke to DETERMINE
 what happened to the lost colony. 

 LiveBinder Practice Activity
Learning Target:
I can CREATE a LiveBinder to showcase my Social Studies

Patriot's Pen Activity
Learning Target: I can COMPOSE a well written essay that includes a claim and 
 supporting evidence.  

PBS Virtual Ben Franklin
Learning Target:
I can EXPLORE various aspects of the life and accomplishments of Ben Franklin. 

Take a Virtual Tour of George Washington's Mount Vernon
 Learning Target: I can LIST ten facts about George Washington's home at Mount Vernon.  

 African-American Heroes Project - Black History Month
 Learning Target: I can CREATE a PowerPoint slide highlighting the life and 
 accomplishments of a famous African-American in U.S. History. 

 Famous Women in American History Project - Women's History Month
 Learning Target: I can identify famous women the have impacted the development of
 America over the centuries.

 Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Build Your Own House Activity
 Learning Target: I can DESIGN and BUILD a neoclassical home in the image of Thomas 
 Jefferson and share my design to a friend.   

 3rd Quarter Recap Activities
 Learning Target: I can DEMONSTRATE my knowledge of U.S. History

2016 Presidential Election Activities

 Learning Target: I can JUDGE which candidate I would vote for in the 2016 presidential 

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