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United States History - 3rd Quarter Vocabulary Review
Learning Target: I can DEMONSTRATE my knowledge of early U.S. History.

Please complete the steps below to prepare for this assignment:

Follow the directions below.  You will be creating several tabs for the assignments below.
1.  Open the "Learning Targets" tab in your LiveBinder.  Copy the learning target above into your LiveBinder. 

2.  Create a new tab in your LiveBinder titled "3rd Quarter Vocabulary Review". 

3.  Now click on "content" > "text" > "text-media" option.    

3rd Quarter Review Activities For All Students:

Assignments to Complete:

Part 1: What you need to know!

1.  You will need to know the terms below for tomorrow's test.  Copy and paste the terms below into your Livebinder text box. 

     American Revolution

     First Amendment


     Northwest Ordinance

     English Parliament

     Townshend Acts


     Foreign Policy

     Navigation Acts



    Federalist Papers

    Representative Democracy


    "Common Sense"

    Boston Massacre

    Bill of Rights

    Industrial Revolution 

   Whiskey Rebellion


Part 2: Define the Terms!
1.  Copy and paste the definitions below and place them next to the correct term in your Livebinder text box. 

     Examples:  Precedent: an example set by George Washington for all future presidents. 

Monroe Doctrine: told European nations they could no longer colonize the Americas

    war that was fought to achieve American independence from England

    someone who was opposed to or did not like the Constitution

    English tax on many items such as tea, glass, led, paper, etc. 

    the first paragraph of the U.S Constitution

    group of people who advise the president

    policies for dealing with other countries

    rebellion of farmers in western Pennsylvania over the tax on whisky

    to approve something like the Constitution

    change in making things by hand to using machines

    the first 10 amendments of the Constitution

    5 colonists were killed by redcoats during a protest in 1770

    people elect others to represent them in government

    essays written by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay persuading people to approve the Constitution 

    the men who started our country

    English laws that regulated American trade

    someone who thought America should remain loyal to England

    group of lawmakers in England who taxed the American colonies

    law that sets up the process for a territory to become a state

    freedom of speech, religion, and press

    pamphlet written by Thomas Paine to encourage Americans to become Patriots during the American Revolution

Part 3: Check your answers

1.  Now that you have all the terms and definitions in your Livebinder textbox, check your answers using the digital flash cards and games.

2.  Participate in a Kahoot activity. 

3.  Carefully check your work and submit it using the button below.

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