Unit #2: The American Revolution Sons of Liberty Tavern Menu Assignment
Learning Target: I can COLLABORATE and PRESENT with my group important battles and events during the American Revolution.

Beware for Washington's spies are everywhere!  Have a look around the restaurant.  The person at the table next to you could be part of a world filled with spy craft and espionage.  Use the resources below to help you complete your part of the project. 

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What was the "Culper Ring?" Who Were some Famous American Spies?

     Mount Vernon

    George Washington Spymaster

   Culper Spy Ring




  Meet Benjamin Tallmage

  Meet Benjamin Tallmage - Revolutionary Journal

  Meet Anna Strong

  Meet Abraham Woodhall

  Meet Nathanial Hale



Who were some famous British Spies? Meet America's Most Famous Traitor!

    Meet John Andre

    Meet John Andre Mont Vernon

    Meet Peggy Shippen

    Meet John Simcoe




    Meet Benedict Arnold

    How did Arnold sell out his country?




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