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Unit #100: Building Your Own Colony
Learning Target: I can work with my group to PLAN and CREATE a new colony and ENSURE it's survival. 

Please complete the steps below to prepare for this assignment:

 Today you and your group will be completing the activities below.  Use the numbers below to help you follow the directions in order to be successful.  

White Activity:

   -  A "COLONY" is a group of people who are settled in a distant land but who are stilled ruled by the government of their homeland. 


      What do you think you would need to do in order to create a successful colony?


Assignments to Complete:

 Task #1: Preparing for the journey!

Choose a group member to act as a scribe for your group.  Please use google Slides (or PowerPoint) to create your presentation.  Be sure all of your names and the name of your new colony are on
     the title slide.  Answer the following questions in your presentation.  You will be presenting information about your colony to the class.  SHARE your file with the rest of the group so everyone can
      contribute to your colony's success.

2.  What do you plan to name your colony?  Why did you choose this name?

3.  What is your motivation for creating your colony?  For example, are you creating your colony to make money, for religious reasons, for the sake of adventure, or for other reason?

4.  How are you going to pay for your colony?  Will you raise money? Find investors? Ask the king for a loan?

5.  How many people do you plan to bring to your colony on your first voyage?  In other words, how many people will be the first to arrive?

6.  How many ships will you need to bring these people? 

7.  How do you plan to pay for the cost of the trip and any supplies you choose to bring? 

8.  What kinds of settlers are you planning to bring?  (Male? Female? Adults? Children? Occupations?)

9.  With your group, make a list of at least 5 supplies you plan to bring to your new colony.  

         Be sure to check out the thumbnail for some great ideas!


 Task #2: Choosing a location for your settlement:

1.  Examine and discuss the four location options below.  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each with your group. 


2.  In your document, write a paragraph explaining why your group chose to settle in that location. 


 Task #3: Building Your Colony:

1.  Examine and discuss the important tasks below which are necessary to build your colony.  In your document, place these tasks in the order of importance. 
      (For example, which task it so important that you will you do first?  Which task is least important and you can wait to complete the task?)

Build a fort

     Find wealth such as gold

     Prepare for winter

     Choose a leader

     Build a church

     Grow cash crops for export such as tobacco, cotton, and indego

     Explore the land

     Grow food for the colony

     Build houses and shelters for the settlers

2.  Write a brief summary explaining why you placed these tasks in the order in which you assigned them. 


 Task #4: Presenting Your Colony:

  1.  As a group, present your colony to the rest of the class.  Be sure to go over each of the above parts.

  2.  Be sure to respectfully listen to your classmates present their colonies as well. 

  3.  Submit your work using the google form below:

We are ready to submit our projects!


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