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Unit #9: Civil War Answers To Our Questions!
Learning Target: I can RESEARCH important battles and events during the Civil War to COMPOSE questions about each battle to the answers below.

Please complete the steps below to prepare for this assignment:

 Follow the directions below to complete this assignment. 

1.  We will soon be taking a test over the Civil War! Please find all of the answers to the test below.  

2.  Based on what you have learned, compose a test question for each of the answers below.  You can also conduct research to find more questions to the answers.  You can also use your Civil War
     scavenger Hunt and Battle Bingo prewriting documents to help you.

3.  Submit your test questions for each part to Mr. G using the form below.

     Submit Your Questions for the test

White Activity:

Assignments to Complete:


1.  Download a copy of the Civil War Test Answers to your questions document.

 2.  Write a question for each of the answers.  Be sure to save.

 3.  Submit your questions using the google form. 

     Submit Your Questions for the test

    You can use the resources below to assist you in writing your questions as well. 

     Civil War Trust                                                  National Park Service

     Civil War Causalities Chart                                 Schmoop Civil War

     American Civil War Buffett                                 History Net Timeline

     Civil War Battle Chart                                         Gigliotti Civil War Notes 

 4.  Ace the test on the Civil War later this week!




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