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Unit #1: Interactive Jamestown Colony Map
Learning Target: I can INTERPRET the interactive Jamestown archeological map to learn more about the colony.

Please complete the steps below to prepare for this assignment:

 Today you will be starting a new Live Binder :-)  Follow the directions below.  You will also be creating a tab for your learning targets and a tab for this assignment. 
1.  Create a new binder in your LiveBinder account.  Name your binder: "Colonial America."  Your description can read: "The United States of America began as 13 English colonies.  In this unit we will be
     learning about how and why each English colony was established.  We will also be learning about what life was like for the people who lived in the Original 13 English Colonies." 
Hint: You may want to
     copy and paste this description into your Live Binder account. 

 2.  Next, create a "Learning Targets" tab in your new "Colonial America" LiveBinder.  In your new tab, Now click on "content" > "text" to set up your Learning Targets page.  

 3.  Now, copy and paste the following learning target into your LiveBinder.  Be sure to include today's date. 

      Learning Target: I can HYPOTHESIZE why over 80% of Jamestown's early inhabitants died using the clues and primary sources provided. 

 4.  Now, create a new tab in your LiveBinder titled "
Jamestown Interactive Map of Discoveries" for this assignment. 

 5.  Place a text-media box onto the LiveBinder page.  Place the words "Jamestown Interactive Map of Discoveries" in the title. 


White Activity:

Assignments to Complete:

 Part I: Exploring the Jamestown archeological site!

Now that we have unraveled the Jamestown Mystery, it's time to complete our archeological discoveries at the Jamestown site.  Copy and paste the questions below into your Livebinder textbox.  You will
     be using livebinder to complete the work needed to submit your assignment.

2.  Copy and paste the following questions into your LiveBinder text box.  Choose 8 of the 10 questions below to answer using the map.

     1.  Describe what remains of the "palisades" that once surrounded the Jamestown settlement. 

     2.  What is so interesting about the "West Bulwark" found on the Jamestown site?

     3.  Using the map, describe what would have been standing on site 18 at the Jamestown settlement.

     4.  What does some of the evidence found at the 1607 burials tell us about the first year of settlement at Jamestown?

 What is so interesting about the "Captain's Burial" found on the Jamestown site?

     6.  Site 16 contains the remains of a "Jamestown Kitchen."  How is this kitchen different from and the same as your kitchen at home?

     7.  Why would a "Powder Magazine" been necessary for the people of Jamestown?

     8.  Choose another site to explore.  What did you find?  What does it tell us about the Jamestown Colony?


3.  Click on the link below to access the Jamestown Settlement interactive map.  The map shows many of the archeological discoveries found on the Jamestown site.  You can navigate the map by clicking on
     the numbers and links placed on the map.  Use the map to answer the questions in your LiveBinder textbox. 


4.  Next, in order to receive credit for this assignment you must complete the google form below.  Click on the button below to access the form.  You will be asked to copy and paste work from your LiveBinder
     textbox into the form. 

      Click here to submit your work







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