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Unit #4: John Adams As President Advanced Organizer
Learning Target: I can ANALYZE the presidency of John Adams by gathering facts and composing a well written summary. 

Please complete the steps below to prepare for this assignment:

 Follow the directions below.  You will be creating a tab for this assignment after you have added this lesson's learning target to your LiveBinder.

1.  Open the "Learning Targets" tab in your LiveBinder.  Copy the learning target above into your LiveBinder.  

2.  Create a new tab in your LiveBinder titled "John Adams As President Advanced Organizer". 

3.  Now click on "content" > "text" > "text-media" option. 

White Activity:

Assignments to Complete:

Part 1: John Adams As President Advanced Organizer

1.  Type the following title into your LiveBinder text box: "Part 1: John Adams as President Advanced Organizer"

2.  Copy and paste the following questions into your LiveBinder text box:

     A.  When did John Adams become president?

    B.  To what political party did John Adams belong? 

    C.  Where did John Adams go to college. 

    D.  What are some of John Adams' personality traits

    G.  Which two European nations were at war during John Adams' presidency?

    H.  What were the French doing to our shipping?

    I.  What was the "XYZ Affair?"

    J.  What did some people want to do after the "XYZ Affair?"

    K.  Did John Adams decide to go to war with France? 

    L. What were the "Alien and Sedition Acts?"

    M.  John Adams is considered to be the "Father of the American ______________"

    N.  John Adams was the first president to live in the ______________"

    O.  Who defeated John Adams in the Election of 1800?

3.  Watch the "The History Channel's The Presidents: John Adams" video clip.  Look and listen for the   
     answers to the questions.  Place the answers in your LiveBinder text box. 


Part 2: Composing a Well Written Summary

1.  Type the following title into your LiveBinder text box: "Part 2: Composing a Well Written Summary"

2.  Using the information you learned about John Adams as president above, compose a well written summary answering the following question:

     * Do you believe that John Adams was a good president or a poor president?  Explain your answer using the facts above. 

***Your composition should be a MINIMUM of one paragraph.  You should be sure to answer the questions above using facts you learned from the video.




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