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Unit #5: Madison's and Monroe's Administration - The War of 1812 Guided Notes Assignment  
Learning Target: I can conduct research to SUMMARIZE many of the most important events and people during the War of 1812. 

Please complete the steps below to prepare for this assignment:

Follow the directions below.  You will be creating a tab for this assignment after you have added this lesson's learning target to your LiveBinder.
1.  Open the "Learning Targets" tab in your LiveBinder.  Copy the learning target above into your LiveBinder.  

2.  Next, create a new tab in your LiveBinder titled "The War of 1812 Guided Notes Assignment" for this assignment. 

3.  Now click on "content" > "Text" > Text Media" to set up your page.

White Activity:

Assignments to Complete:

Part 1: The War of 1812 Guided Notes

1.  Take a few moments to watch the video presenting a short overview of the War of 1812.  You should also explore this animated website about the War of 1812.

2.  Next, download a copy of the Learning About The War of 1812 Digital Worksheet

3.  Use the resources below to complete the guided notes.  Follow the directions on the work sheet and use the word banks to help you.  Be sure to write your summaries in a paragraph form.

Some Great Websites to use:

The War of 1812 - Mr. Nusserbam

The War of 1812 - Ducksters

The War of 1812 American Historama

The War of 1812 For Kids

Some Multimedia to use:

Mr. Gigliotti's "golden voice" talking about the War of 1812!

* Find out more about how the Stars Spangled Banner was written! *

4.  When your ENTIRE sheet is completed, upload your Learning About The War of 1812 Digital Worksheet to your LiveBinder media box. 

Part 2: Learning More About The War of 1812.

1.  Place the following title in your LiveBinder text box: "Part 2: Learning More About The War of 1812."

2.  Copy and paste the questions below about the War of 1812 into your LiveBinder text box. 
      Preview the questions before we start the video. 

     A.  Why was the War of 1812 important to the United States?

     B.  What were some of the reasons James Madison wanted to declare war on England?

     C.  What did the British due to towns along the Atlantic coast during the War of 1812?

     D.  What items were saved in Washington D.C. before the British burned the city?

     E.  What eventually saved the city of Washington D.C. from being completely destroyed?

     F.  What was the name of the for that defended Baltimore harbor? 

     H.  Who was Francis Scott Key?

      .  What was the name of the treaty that ended the War of 1812?

     J.  Why did Andrew Jackson dislike the British? 

     K.  In what city did Andrew Jackson win a large victory against the British? 

3.  Watch the History

3.  Watch the History Channel video: The War of 1812: America's First Invasion.

4.  Answer the questions in your LiveBinder text box while you watch the video.  

4. Copy and p




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