Unit #1: Into to World History: Absolute Monarchies Across Europe
 Learning Target: I can DESCRIBE how absolute power was instituted in Spain, Netherlands, France, Central Europe, & Russia.   

Directions: Please follow the directions in the box below to complete the assignment.  Be sure to complete the assignment and carefully check your work before submitting your assignment for a grade. 

Part 1: European Geography and Rulers

 1.   Welcome to Europe (1500-1800).  European nations are dominated by powerful, wealthy, and sometimes over the top rulers who hold absolute power over their nations and people.  In this section we
       will identify some of these rulers and the locate the nations they reigned over with absolute or complete authority.   

       Download the Europe in 1500 Map Activity and open it in your google slides.  Be sure to click on File > Save As > Google doc so that you can edit and save. 

 2.  Complete the map on slide #2.  Use the thumbnail map below to help you label the following nations: France, Netherlands, France, Austria, Prussia, England, & Russia.  You can   
      click on the map to make it larger.  You can also use this link to visit the map's homepage.  Use your text tool to label the map.  Be sure to save. 

 3.  One slide #3 you will find some of your favorite Absolute Monarchs!  You should be able to drag them to the countries they ruled.  If you cannot drag them, draw a line to their nation or simply note use the text
      tool to type their names into the nation they ruled.  You scan your text book pages 513 - 532 to identify the Absolute Monarchs found in Spain, France, Central Europe, and Russia.  You can also use the
      following digital resources. 
        Slide Share  |  prezi  |  timetoast timeline  |  Study.com 

Part 2: What's so cool about Absolute rule?

 1. Each student will be working collaboratively to research and present ONE of our Absolute Monarchs.  Take a moment to choose two other students to work with on this project. 

 2.  As a group, you will conduct your own research on ONE of the Absolute Monarchs below.  You can use your text book or find digital resources on your Chrome book.  DO NOT COPY AND PASTE

      Each of your groups will be assigned a different Monarch. 

      Phillip II  (513 - 515)
      Louis IVX (518-523)

      William of Orange (515 - 516) 

       Hapsburg Family (526-528)

       Maria Theresa (529-530)

       Fredrick the Great (529-530)

       Ivan the Terrible (531-532)

       Peter the Great (532 - 535)

 3.  Have one member of your group create a Google slides and share it with the rest of the group.  Each member of the group should contribute to the presentation.  Create a Google Slides presentation that
      includes the following information:

      1.  A title slide with you full names and the name of the Absolute Ruler you researched.

      2.  Define the term "Absolute Monarchy"

      3.  At lease three images of he Absolute Ruler you researched.

      4.  What country did they rule? 

      5.  What were some of their personal characteristics that make them so interesting?

      6.  What did they accomplish (or not accomplish) as a ruler?

      7.  How did they come to power?

      8.  What was the effect of their rule over their nation?

      9.  Does your group think they were a good or a bad ruler?  Explain.

      10.  List at least three additional interesting facts you learned. 


Part 3: Group Presentations

 1. Each group will present what they learned about their Absolute Ruler to the class. 

 2.  Each member of your group must participate in the presentation and attempted appropriate presentation skills (standing up straight, speaking to audience, being audible).   Do not simply read your slides!  Just
      speak to the class about your ruler and what you learned. 

 3.  Your grade for this assignment will be based on your presentation.
 4.  When your group is not presenting, you should be listening quietly and completing the study guide below based on the presentations.  This study guide can be used to help you escape your Absolute Monarch's
      Dungeon (quiz).

      Download the Absolute Monarchs Across Europe Study Guide.  Open the worksheet in Google Docs.  Be sure to click on file > Save As > Google Doc

 5.  Relax you are done with this assignment! 

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