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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Today's Topic:
  Welcome to World History!

Today's Goal:  Welcome back to school!  I hope everyone had a great summer.  Today we will be sharing some stories about what makes History so interest and why studying History is never boring! 

Today's Assignments:
 1.  Welcome to World History - Meet and Greet Activity!

 2.  Use the link below to access today's assignment. 

      7 Stories that Prove History is Never Boring! - DUE 8/23
      Learning Target: I can INDENTIFY one interesting historical person and EXPLAIN why I would like to meet

 3.  Participate in a class discussion about these 7 AMAZING stories!

 4.  Take a few moments to complete the google form below for your first grade this quarter. 

      Turn in your 7 Stories . . . .  here!

  World History with Mr. Gigliotti | Valley Forge High School | Parma Hts., OH |