Unit #2: The Age of Enlightenment Advanced Organizer
 Learning Target: I can IDENTIFY characteristics of the Age of Enlightenment and predict how these ideas changed society and government in Europe and the Americas.

Directions: Please follow the directions in the box below to complete the assignment.  Be sure to complete the assignment and carefully check your work before submitting your assignment for a grade. 

Part 1: Complete the Age of Enlightenment Advanced Organizer

 1.   Welcome to the Age of Enlightenment (18th Century Europe)!  The Scientific Revolution soon spread beyond the world of Science and into politics and government.  During the Age of Enlightenment, people
       began to apply reason and the scientific method to government, religion, and economics. 

       Take a moment to download and open the Age of Enlightenment Advanced Organizer.  Be sure to click on File > Save As > Google doc to avoid losing any of your work.  

 2.   Take a few moments complete Section 1 of the Advanced Organizer in Google docs using the presentation and other resources below. 

       The Age of Enlightenment Part 1  |  Smart History  |  History Channel  | 


       551-555 in your text book 

 3.   Participate in a classroom discussion of Section 1 in your Age of Enlightenment Advanced Organizer.  Carefully check your answers and be sure to save your work.

 4.   Next as a class we will work on Part 2 of the Age of Enlightenment Advanced Organizer.  Take a few moments to skim the passage and highlight any terms you do not know using a yellow highlighter. 
       Participate in a discussion of the passage. 

 5.  Now read the passage and highlight the MOST important parts using a green highlighter.  Be prepared to discuss these with the class. 


Part 2: Submit your work for a grade

1.   Once you have completed both sections of the Age of Enlightenment Advanced Organizer in your Google Docs, use the information in the assignment to complete the Google Form below.   Remember to
      use your Advanced Organizer to help you answer the questions.  There will also be questions from the reading included in the form. 

2.    Carefully check your answer and submit your work for a grade. 

      Turn in your Enlightenment Adv. Org. here!

3.    Good Job!

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