Unit #4: The Napoleonic Era - Who was Napoleon Bonaparte?
 Learning Target: I can ANALYZ how Napoleon Bonaparte became the dictator France.

Directions: Please follow the directions in the box below to complete the assignment.  Be sure to complete the assignment and carefully check your work before submitting your assignment for a grade. 

Part 1: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Napoleon!

1.  Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most famous people in World History!  His legionary rise to power, his mastery of the battlefield, his creation of a French empire, and his ultimate defeat have captivated the
     interest of students for over 200 years.  But who was Napoleon really?  In this assignment we will learn more about Napoleon "the man." We will also review his rise to power and see how he attempted to
     restore order in France following the horrors of the French Revolution. 

     Please take a moment to download the Who Was Napoleon Bonaparte Student AssignmentBe sure to click on File > Save As Google Slides after you download the file. 

2.   Conduct your own Internet research to answer the questions about Napoleon "The Man" on slides #2-#5. 

3.  Answer the following questions in your place your answers in your Who Was Napoleon Bonaparte Student Assignment.


1.  How tall was Napoleon Bonaparte?  

2.Where was Napoleon born?  What did his parents think of French rule?

3.Where did Napoleon go to school?  How old was he when he joined the army?

4.  Who was Napoleon’s wife?  Did Napoleon have any children?         

5. How did Napoleon’s wife escape the guillotine?  

6.  What was the name of the book Napoleon wrote?  What kind of book was it? 

7.  What type of animal did Napoleon allegedly fear?  

8.  What did Napoleon do to the dismay of those around him when he was nervous?

9.   What did Napoleon frequently wear around his neck?

10.  How is Napoleon connected to the “Rosetta Stone?”

11.  Why did Napoleon sometimes dress like a bourgeoisie and walk the streets of Paris?

 12.  What was the cause of Napoleon’s death?



Part 2: Explain How Napoleon Took Power in France

1.   Next, we will review how Napoleon seized control of France to become the French Emperor in part 2 of the Who Was Napoleon Bonaparte Student Assignment
      You can use the digital resources below to learn more.  You can also read pages 584-586 to review. 

     UES MR. G's PowerPoint to help you with this section!  -   Napoleon Seizes Power in France!

   To learn more:   History Channel  |   Great Course Daily  |  enotes  |  Khan Academy

      (663-665 in digital book) 


2.  Now, write a brief explanation (3-5 sentences) about how Napoleon seized power using the text tool on slide #5.  Be sure to include the following terms: coup d'etat & plebiscite

Part 3: Napoleon Restores Order in France

1.   Next, complete Part 3 of Who Was Napoleon Bonaparte Student Assignment to learn about the changes within French society Napoleon made in order to restore order in France and consolidate his
      power over the nation. 

      For slides 6-9, learn about each of Napoleon's actions below.  In your Who Was Napoleon Bonaparte Student Assignment note Napoleon's goals for each policy and the result of these policies.  Place
      your answers in your Google Slides document.  You can use your text book pages 585-586 or the online resources to help you. 


                            Napoleon's Domestic Policies  |  History Channel - Napoleonic  Code | Napoleon's Empire
 (16-18 pdf pages in digital book)

2.  Participate in a classroom discussion of this section.  Be prepared to answer questions and edit your work as needed.

Part 5: Submit your work for a grade

 1.   Once you have completed your Who Was Napoleon Bonaparte Student Assignment, use the Google Form below to submit your work for a grade.  Be sure to check your answers using the 
       Who Was Napoleon Bonaparte Student Assignment.

 2.    Carefully check your answer and submit your work for a grade. 

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3.    Good Job!

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