Unit #2: The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment
 Learning Target: I can IDENTIFY individuals in Europe who played a role in advancing Science and our understanding of the Universe during the Scientific Revolution (1550-1700).

                                                                                                                                       Scientific Revolution Notes

Directions: Please follow the directions in the box below to complete the assignment.  Be sure to complete the assignment and carefully check your work before submitting your assignment for a grade. 

Part 1: Brainstorming

 1.   Welcome to the Scientific Revolution (1550-1700)!  For centuries people view of the Earth and of the Universe in general relied on Ancient Greek theories and descriptions in the Bible.  However, European
       Scientists began to use the Scientific Method to question these beliefs and to make new discoveries that could be proven scientifically.  These Scientists often clashed with the church since their discoveries
       were at odds with their beliefs.  Complete the assignment below to learn even more!

       Download the Scientific Revolution Assignment and open it in your Google Slides.  Be sure to click on File > Save As Google Slides so that you can edit and save. 

 2.  Complete on slide #2.  With your group, make a list of at least 3 ways Science benefits the world today.  Use the text tool in your Google slides to complete this part. 
 3.   If you need help, you can also use the following digital resources to help your discussion: 
        Benefits of Science  |  What has Science done for you lately?  |  NASA Impact of Science 

4.  Be prepared to share your ideas with the class before moving on to Part 2.

Part 2: Old World Thinking

 1.  Before the Scientific Revolution, people in Europe had a very different understanding of the world and Universe around them. 

 2.  Read page 545 in your text book and explore the resources below to learn more about how people in Europe understood the Universe before the Scientific Revolution. 

      Ptolemy and the Church Presentation  | Bright Hub  |  Geometric Model of the Universe  


3.  Use your text tool to take notes on slides #2 and #3.  Feel free to create additional slides if necessary.  DO NOT COPY AND PASTE.

Part 3: The Scientific Revolution - A New Way of Thinking!

 1.  Next use pages 546-550 in your textbook to define the term "Scientific Revolution."  You may also conduct your own Internet search.  DO NOT COPY AND PASTE.  Use your text tool to add the definition to
      slide #5. 

 2.  Now read pages 546-550 in your textbook to learn more about some of the individuals who contributed to the Scientific Revolution.  You may also conduct your own Google search for each individual.  Use the
      text tool to complete slides #6-#8 in the Google Slides by adding facts about each individuals discoveries and contributions to the Scientific Revolution.  

      Britannica  |  History.com  |  Top Thinkers


 3.  Take some time to share what you have learned about each individual with your group and participate in a class discussion. 

Part 4: Submit your work for a grade

 1.   Once you have completed ALL three parts of this assignment, use the Google Form below to submit your work for a grade.  Check your answers using the assignment.  Be sure to also include your essay.

2.    Carefully check your answer and submit your work for a grade. 

      Turn in your Scientific Revolution  here!

3.    Good Job!

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