1.  Now that you have all of your information, it is time to plan your video!  You are going to want to find a creative, complete, and comfortable way to share all of  the information you researched.  Your video can
     be done however your would like.  I have listed a few suggestions below.  Please discuss with your partner which type of video you would like to create.

     Some video options include:  Newscast Style video
(sample) | Documentary style video (sample) |  Re-enactment Video (sample)  |  Music Video (sample)  |  Interview (Sample)

                                                                                                       | A Press Conference
(Sample) | Your Brilliant ideas . . . .

      Student Examples:
Documentary Project Sample| Newscast Project Sample

2.  Now that you have an idea for your the style of your video you will want to plan how you are going to record and or create your video.  Typically the more planning you and your group do, the b
etter your video
     will look. 

     Consider the following:

     - How will I film the video?  Chromebook?  Phone?  etc.

     - Where can we film the video?

     - Do we need cue cards? 

     -  Are we going to edit the video?  If so how? 

Below are some additional resources to help you:

A.      Your Production Staff will want to use the research you completed to write a script for your video's content.  You group's script will vary depending on what type of video you are going to be recording. 
         The script will be read by the on air talent during the recording.  An audio recording with images can also be made if your group chooses to use a documentary style video.  A good script is a
         key element in a high quality video.  Use the resources below to help you create a good script!

         Watch how the pros write a script  |  Download a blank script outline (Newscast)  | Download a blank script outline (interview) |  Download a blank script outline (Press Conference) | 

                                                             Look at a sample script  |  Check out a sample script for a documentary  | Sample Script Reenactment


       Your Video Producer will want to use the script to create a story board for your video in order to plan how it will be created.  You may have a live recording within a "set" or a documentary style video. 
       The story board will help you plan each part of the video BEFORE you begin recording.  The story board will make recording quick and easy for your group.  A good story board will make your video rock!  Use   
       the resources below to help you:

       Watch how the pros storyboard   |  Download a blank storyboard  |  Look at a sample story board  | Another Sample Story Board / Script Combo